Organic Smoothies

Try any one of our Triple Berry Smoothies.

Whatever is in season, you can bet we will make a mouthwatering smoothie of it!

$5.95 Berry Blast!

Mix and Match! Bananna and 2 Berries.

Start with a bannana, then pick your choice of 2 seasonal berries and enjoy!

Kick up the antioxidants!

Start with our vanilla yogurt and add some blueberr, voila! Energy for the whole day!.

Sweet Tooth? Kiwi and Vanilla Twist.

Want something sweet but with a refreshing after taste? Try a tropical blend with kiwi.

$5.95 Kiwi Twist

Kick up the Vitamin C! Blend of Sunshine.

Start the day off with the perfect breakfast drink.Seize the day!

Chocolate Lovers! 3 ways to love it.

Pick your favorite: Chocolate, Carob and Choclate Caramel.Try them all!

New for October!

Passion Pushover!

Passion fruit with kiwi, pomegranate and lychee!

Coming soon!