About Us

We are proudly home to the world's best yogurt. Our yogurt is all natural, 98% fat-free and contains live and active cultures and probiotics, so you can look after yourself, one spoonful at a time. Our commitment to our product, design and customer service ensures the experience will have you smiling on the inside and out. We are 100% locally owned and proudly American. Learn more!


With every swirl of our highest quality yogurt, with every delectable fresh topping, smoothie and acia bowl, my staff and I, stand behind with quality, assurance and a welcoming smile. Just ask our smiling regulars!

John Smith
Managing Director

What's New?

Apple Pie: Made with 100% organic apples, cinnamon and topped with our homemade ganola.

Treat the whole family after a long work and school weel with their favoite yogurt and fresh topping. It will make you smile!