Acai Bowls

Simple Acai Bowl

Includes: acai puree, granola, and honey, orange juice.

$5.95 Simple Bowl

Brazilian Aacai Bowl

Includes: acai puree, banana, carob chips, guarana syrup.

Choc Cherry Acai Bowl

Includes: acai puree, chocolate, cherries, carob powders.

Perfect Morning Acai Bowl

Includes: berries, bananas and granola for the crunch.

Sweet Tart Acai Bowl

Includes: banana, agave, acai puree, kiwi bring the tart, adding in the granola for texture.

Popeye Acai Bowl

Includes: acaĆ­ puree, banana, spinach, apple sauce, coconut water, honey, chia seeds.

$5.95 Popeye Bowl

New for October:

Fresh Fig and Honey.

Try this fall treat that will keep you energized!

Fancy Fig!