Yogurt 2.0 Company Profile

Yogurt 2.0 is a company with a vision – to provide the most delicious and healthy frozen treat on the planet! We take this commitment very seriously and have spent years developing a product we believe is superior in every way to any "healthy" frozen yogurt currently on the market.

More people than ever before are concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and part of that regimen includes watching their intake of fat content and cholesterol. We have a product that is tailor-made for this audience without compromising taste.

Yogurt 2.0 has the rich and creamy taste of ice cream without the high fat, high calories, excess salt and artificial ingredients often found in frozen treats. Our company was formed in 2010 in response to a need in the marketplace for a premium-tasting product that was healthy, fast and inexpensive. Nourish your body. Treat others well. Look after our planet. Our motto and way of doing business.

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Birthday Parties

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Special Orders

Have a special dietary need or want to order ahead? Simply give us a call and we would be happy to make any special accomedations for you.

Our own Acai Farms:

We care about our planet!
Our Acai range are organic and fair trade making sure we not only nourish our bodies with the best ingredients but we also conscious of people who have made our product are being looked after too.