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    My Sweet Lola is steadfast in providing the upmost quality products with mouth watering, creative flavor combinations, including the freshest of ingredients, specializing in perfect portion 3" cheesecake. *Full size 10" cheesecakes also available upon request.

    We only use organic cream cheese and cage free eggs. None of our cheesecakes contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Never at any time are they frozen! We offer house made crusts and toppings. Amazing taste with a conscious.

    My Sweet Lola also works with local restaurants and cafes to produce a cheesecake variety based on the cuisine of the establishment. The variety of the cheesecakes are exclusive to that establishment only, and My Sweet Lola will not offer that variety anywhere else.

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    • Andrea Tomae Geneoffo

      While most budding chefs started out cooking side by side with their mothers, Andrea Geneoffo was busy cooking and baking for her relatives as well. Only her culinary concoctions were iced tea made with muddy water and inedible cake fresh out of her Eazy Bake Oven. Somehow, her family survived.

      In her adult years, she took an interest in food photography, which sparked her desire to attend culinary school. Little did she know her sudden desire to enter the culinary industry would have her becoming a cheesecake connoisseur.

      Turned off by canned fruit toppings on a bland and sour cake, she imagined the sophisticated flavors of mango, vanilla bean, and rosewater used in her creations. Keeping her love for animals and nature in mind, she only uses organic cream cheese and cage free local eggs in the batter. Finally, a product with taste and a conscious. Moreover, keeping with her love for animals, she felt it was fitting to pay homage to Lola, the underdog or in this case, "undercat" of her four legged friends by naming "My Sweet Lola" after her.

      When she is not taking her confections to the next level, you most likely see her traveling the world wielding her camera about. At her humble abode, she assumes the role of a modern day Sanford and Son by taking old weathered furniture and transforming them into modern works of art.

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    My Sweet Lola
    Saucon Valley Farmer's Market
    95 West Water St.
    Hellertown, Pa. 18055
    Every Sunday from May to November from 9-1
    E-mail: artofcheesecake@aol.com

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