Finding clarity in the messaging

Getting to the point, efficiently

Connecting ideas collaborative

Project Examples

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Click here for some recent project examples and concepts.

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Growth and Change

I have grown so much strategically, creatively and personally.

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I have a unique background of creative and project management.

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Need for Integration

The industry is changing, the industry is changing and need to adapt to new customer behavior.

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Project Manager, Designer, Strategic Thinker

As I have grown and matured professionally, my marketing with creative background has infused with my project management background. Although my main dedication has been project management, my 20 years as a designer has infused a unique skill set. As it is truly one of the unique strengths I have, since I went back to school for my web design degree 2 years ago, it has become more apparent to better utilize my fullest potential. As customers are changing they way they use online resources for browsing and commerce, a new breed of marketing has been born. User experience is key more than ever before. Let me show you how I can bring all of these qualities to help your business grow.
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Word of Mouth

"Thanks Danielle…so appreciate all your proactive and innovative thinking. Good stuff! Can't wait to execute/test on all these good ideas :)
-Sue Hartman, Integrated Marketing Director, Runner's World Magazine

"Thanks for pulling together the brainstorm! I truly am excited to work up these ideas!"
-Matt Neumaier, AVP Online Direct Marketing

"Simply stated... YOU ROCK!"
Jennifer Mancini, Associate Director Alternative Media