About Danielle Veloza:

As I have grown and matured professionally over the past 20 years, my creative marketing background was infused with my project management background. Although my main dedication and focus has been project management, I have now integrated creative and marketing to become a hybrid of sorts. As it is truly one of the unique strengths I have, since I went back to school for my web design degree 2 years ago, it has become more apparent to better utilize my fullest potential.

Ideally, I would like to integrate a new business approach to upcoming projects with heavy emphasis on marketing and integration of strategic creative capabilities. This would include pre-creative meetings with marketing developing a strong strategy and set goals. I would like to instill the more conceptual, up front brainstorming and concept generation before full copy is developed. This would include aligning creative thinking to the marketing strategy, the creative director's vision and providing creative resources.

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Sample Work:

Here is a sampling of ideas and concept strategies that have received positive results. These are new ideas. I constructed the test planning, strategy and developed the creative. Feel free to set up some time so we can review what it can do for you.

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Why me?


With over 20 years in design and account/project management , I have a unique blend of skills to produce innovative, conceptual products. From Building wraps in Times Square for Gloria Vanderbilt to developing a print archive and ordering platform for Tiffany's & Co., to having a 3 year website control for Women's Health Personal Trainer, I bring a rare package of design and project management to the table.


Pushing the limits of conceptual ideas is invigorating to me. I am very collaborative with my clients who seem to appreciate this about me. Always looking for new ideas, new ways to convey the same messaging, exploring the industry for new technology and trends is a part of my everyday work ethic. I am very proactive about researching new ideas and process that may lend to my client's success. I always seem to be the one on the cusp of new ideas within the industry and communicating that with my clients and colleges.


I would like to be apart of a new team, bringing all I have learned and experienced to new heights. I developed this site to showcase some of my strengths. I went back to school in 2010 for web design as Rodale made the leap into online marketing. My dedication, passion and enthusiasm to "be more" and "give more" have lead me to evaluate what I can contribute.