Examples of markets served:
    • Automotive- Antique , Classic, and Street Cars
        • Body Panels
          Engine Components
          Rims- Steel & Aluminum
          Suspension Components
          Hi Temp Components Headers/Exhausts
    • Automotive- Racing & Motor Sports
        • Karts & Quads
          Quarter Midgets & TQ Midgets
          Legends & Slingshots
          Micro Sprints & Full Sprints
          Dirt Modifieds
          Asphalt Modifieds
          JR Dragsters/Dragsters/Funny Cars
          Street Rods
          Motorcycle Frames & Components
    • Commercial & Industrial Equipment & Machinery
        • Cabinets/Enclosures/Containers
          Construction & Heavy Equipment
          Material Handling Equipment
          Racking Systems
    • Architectural
        • Industrial & Commercial Display Systems
          Lighting Systems
          Overhead & Rolling Doors
    • Personal & Residential Projects
        • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
          Gazebos & Miscellaneous Structures
          Antiques & Keepsakes
          Custom and Decorative Pieces

    All processing  is performed in-house at APS.

APS Process:

The process starts at APS with individual consultation regarding your needs and requirements.  We will review your project, recommend processing options, and answer any questions you may have regarding powder colors, finishes, textures, and chemistries.

A work order is then entered into our system which details preparation, processing and powder to be applied. APS stocks a wide variety variety of powders. Custom powders are readily available from our two powder sources.

Production begins with preparation of the piece.  Preparation will vary depending upon part requirements and inbound condition.

This may include Thermal Stripping, Media Blasting, or Dry Abrasion.

Once your project has been prepped, it is visually inspected.  Based upon your requirements, certain areas may be masked or plugged so they are not powdered.  Examples are threaded receptacles, areas requiring conductivity, or areas where tight tolerances are required for final assembly.   At this point, your piece is suspended on a custom rack, where it remains throughout the balance of our process.

Suspended on the rack, your part is washed with a metallurgical cleaner/rust inhibitor prior to powder coating.  The rack holding your part is then rinsed. The rack is then charged into a propane fired oven, where it is dried at approximately 350 Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes.

This is a critical step as the oven will remove water residue left over from wash pretreatment.  This also brings your job up to the appropriate temperature for powder coating.

Powder is electrostatically applied. There is an electrostatic attraction of the powder particle to the part, much like a magnet is attracted to a piece of steel.

The application gun fluidizes the powder with pressurized air. This ensures smooth, even, and proper coverage. 

Your parts are immediately charged into the curing oven, where the heat triggers a reaction in the powder.  The powder flows in the heat, cross links, and thermosets, while bonding to the prepped surface of the part.

Oven curing temperatures and time are based upon composition of the piece and the powder being applied.

Once the parts exit the oven and cool, they are inspected, packaged, and ready to be returned to you.

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