iconWhat is Powdercoating?

Powder coating, commonly referred to as "dry" paint, is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to most all metallic parts. The powder is a combination of finely ground particles of color pigment and resin. When applied, the powder is electrostatically charged using a special gun while the parts are electrostatically grounded. The powder uniformly adheres to the part which is then placed in an oven to cure. The result is a smooth, lustrous coating that is extremely durable, scratch and chip resistant.

iconWhy Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is currently the single fastest growing coating technology for these reasons:
Powder coating is much more resilient to chips, abrasions, UV light, petroleum products (gasoline/oil) and chemicals than typical solvent based (“wet”) coatings. 
Powder coating is thermoset, and withstands higher temperatures than solvent based coatings.
Because it is electrostatically applied, powder coating eliminates the possibility of runs and drips. The powder is environmentally friendly and there are no hazardous materials needed for cleanup.

iconHow Are Parts Prepped For Powder Coating?

Depending on the condition the part is received, it may need to be stripped of all previously applied coatings down to the bare metal.  This may be performed by Thermal Stripping, Media Blasting, Dry Abrasion, or a combination of these methods.  All of these processes are performed by APS onsite.
All parts are washed with a metallurgical cleaner/rust inhibitor. After rinsing, the part is then charged into a propane fired oven, where it is dried at approximately 350 Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes prior to powder coating.
APS masks and plugs areas that typically need to be protected from powder. Any special masking and plugging requirements will be performed upon request.

iconShould I Sand/Strip Excess Paint?

Unless you have the proper equipment, generally, it is not worth your time and effort.
If you have parts that are currently powder coated, we strongly recommend you not try to strip them.  This process should be performed by APS.

iconI'm Interested In Just shipping my parts to APS for processing. How Does This Work?

We perform this service on a regular basis. We realize that your schedule may not allow you the time to personally deliver your parts. Simply package your project and ship to APS for processing. We recommend using UPS or FedEx for traceablity and tracking purposes. Your job will be processed, repackaged, and returned to you, generally via UPS. Packaging and shipping costs will be added as a separate line item on your final invoice. A tracking number will also be on your invoice. If you have any questions, please call us for more details.

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Did You Know?

iconWhat If The Parts Currently Have A Chrome Finish?

Our processing will properly prepare the old chrome layer for proper powder coating.

iconWhat If The Parts Are Pitted From Rust or Corrosion?

Powder coat is approximately 2-3 times thicker than standard “wet” paints. After removing the oxidation, we will apply 3-5 mil thick coat of powder. Depending on the condition of the piece, this will fill light pitting, corrosion, rust areas. For more severe conditions, a 5-8 mil thick powder primer can be applied as a base coat.  This would be explained in detail during initial consultation.

iconWill Powder Coat Flex With Items Like Automotive Coil Springs?

Powder coating can withstand repetitive flexing commonly found on automotive springs. Most new springs will already have a powder or poly coated layer from the manufacturer.  We can prep and powder these with a custom color of your choice. Used springs can be cleaned, prepped, and powdered with your new color choice.

iconWhat Specific Items Do Customers Send In For Powder Coating?

APS processing flexibility can accommodate most anyone’s project.  A brief listing is shown here on our services page Click here to see! 
We have powder coated industrial centrifuge bases weighing 5000 pounds down to residential mailboxes weighing five pounds. 
We have thermal stripped and powder coated an entire ’57 Chevy frame and body down to the  gas tank cap for the same vehicle.
We have restored complete vintage lawn furniture sets involving chairs, full size tables, gliders, chaise lounges, and serving carts down to a single small wireframe planter basket purchased at auction.

iconDo I Need To Disassemble The Parts Before Sending Them?

We kindly ask that all parts be disassembled before shipping to us. If you have any questions regarding what needs removed from a part, please contact us. Be sure to include a detailed description of the part.  Photos of your part are very helpful. If you do not have the time or tools available to disassemble, we can provide the service at an additional charge.

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Expert Advice:

iconCan Powder Coat withstand Engine Temperatures?

We have received numerous emails asking this question. Because we consistently use prime powder from our two qualified sources, our powder coating performs well on all types of engine components.
Certain engine components are subject to high temperatures, such as manifolds and exhausts. For these components we recommend powder formulated for temperatures up 1000 degrees F. Standard powders are not designed or intended for extreme high temperature applications.

iconIs Powder Coat Resilient To Gasoline, Oil, Battery Acid?

Powder coat is an extremely resilient to all kinds of corrosive agents. Many of our customers are turning to powder coating because powder is more resilient than traditional solvent based coatings.

iconDoes APS Offer Custom Colors Such As "Candies or Chrome"?

TIGER Drylac, our major powder source, offers a wide variety of specialty colors and finishes.  These include Candies, Clears, Dormant, and Metallic finishes.  Veined, Hammertone, and Textured finishes are also available in a variety of colors. 
Examples can be found in our Color Menu page of this website.  Click here to see our color choices. If you have a custom color in mind, drop us an email with a detailed description of the part and the colors requested.

iconHow Does Powder Coating Compare In Cost vs. "Wet" Paints?

In general,  powder coating is far superior in both cost and durability, offering greater value.  This is the primary reason the use of powder coatings has been on a ten year growth curve.
Even with specialty powders, the associated total costs are usually less than that of solvent based paints.

iconDoes APS offer pickup and delivery service?

Yes, we do. We can provide either one way transport, or total round trip service. We have the equipment to transport pieces eight feet wide and up to 16 feet in length.
Cost is based on a combination of mileage and drive time as determined by MapQuest. The cost can be added as a separate line item to your invoice. All arrangements are coordinated by APS.