Powder coating:

iconWhat is Powdercoating?

Powder coating is commonly referred to as "dry" paint.  It is a proven and growing method of applying a decorative and protective finish to most any metallic part. The powder consists of a combination of finely ground particles of color pigment and various resins. After part preparation, the powder is electrostatically applied using specially designed equipment. The powder uniformly adheres to the part, which is then placed in an industrial oven to thermoset. The result is a smooth, lustrous coating that is proven more durable than traditional solvent based coatings.

Powder coating is an extremely attractive, durable, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and UV resistant coating.

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iconFastest growing in finishing technology.

Powder coating is much more resilient to chips, abrasions, UV light, petroleum products (gasoline/oil) and chemicals than typical solvent based "wet" coatings. Powder coating is thermoset, and withstands higher temperatures than solvent based coatings.

Because it is not solvent based and is electrostatically applied, powder coating minimizes the possibility of runs and drips. The powder itself is environmentally friendly, and there are no hazardous materials used in our process.

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Lead Times and Coating Choices: 

We have an average lead time of 5 working days, depending upon processing and services required for your project.

Powder Coating is available in a rainbow of colors, textures, and gloss levels as well as a wide variety of formulations such as epoxy, hybrid, polyesters, and super durable polyesters. We will gladly help select the coating system that best meets your needs. Learn more about our specialized process: